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I was the student of INTERFACE in 2019 for the prepration of IIT-JEE mains, due to proper guidence and supporting of inatitute and faculty members, i secure rank 7122. i am herty thank ful to all the members of institute, supporting staff and specially rathor sir. thanks to all of you from bottom of my heart. LOVKESH ARYA 

DEAR sir, i am greatly thankful for you kind super vision. Due to your proper support and guidence, i am able to acheive the rank. you are an ideal teacher, super guide, great mantor, thanks for you to lighting my way. You are THE BEST. MISBAH AHAMAD 

Respected sir, hope you are well and good, As mantor, you are ultimate, you are one of the best teach of my life. Under you super guidence, i am able to acheive my dream proffesion. You concept clearing capibility is ultimate. THANKS TO BE A PART OF MY SUCCESS. TANYA 

Respected sir, thank you for your great useful mentorship, by which, now a day, i am in my dream proffesion. Thanks a lot. Dr. SHILPI SINGH  

“Dear sir, the hours you spent during and after my studies giving attention to ensure me to grasped my goal, as expectating. Thank you for your patience, dedication,  support,  help and motivation. With out all this I can reach to my destination.  Very Very thanks and regards.  Thanks a lot. YASH AGRAWAL

Hi, This is Rohini Rajpal. To being my journey, I started with Rathor Sir being my teacher he supported me through out my preparation. He teaches with drawing diagrams that make students to understand very well. He is not only a good teacher but a good human being also. He helped me to build up my self confidence. I am so lucky to have teachers like you! ROHINI RAJPAL

I am priyanka, i was student of INTERFACE EDUCATION, with respect to guidence of Dr. RATHOR sir am now, student of MEDICAL, JAMIA, DELHI. I am greatly thank ful with core of my heart for resultful guidence by Dr rathor sir and team. Lot's of thanks. PRIYANKA JHA

It is my good luck that. I have studied from RAJEEV Rathor Sir. I have thank Rathor Sir for the right guidance, personal attention, amazing and inspiring way of teaching Sir, I came to you in the 'tough' phase of my prepration and your guidance have helped me to reach its crest phase. Thank you for being there as a friend, guide and a teacher. My best wishes are always dgio - with you and with your future student. ANJU THAPPA

Its true said that you can achieve all the peaks if your climb is "Prefect". RAJEEV Sir is not only a biology teacher, but also the best mentor he is the best mentor. He guided me well to shape up my study routine. Its all because of him that i was able to score amazingly in my boards. He is the best teacher one can ever get and I am totally blessed TO BE HIS STUDENT. RIDHIMA 


Teachers are the parents who guide us without any motive. I thank you, Rajeev Sir, for being my strength and Inspiration ! I feel honored to be your student. I am what i am today due to the values and skills imparted by you. Sir, has a very unique and peculiar style of teaching that makes each and every topic interesting without the need of cramming anything. NEHA KULLAR

Lots of thank for your guidence, you are true teacher and great motivater. Your subjective knowledge and presentation incridible. thanks. GOKUL SHARMA

You are true mentor, guide and the best teacher. due to your proper concept clearing approach, i can acheive my goal. thanks to be your guidence and support. thanks a lots sir. ANJANA

BALIHARI GURU AAP NE DOCTOR DIYO BANAYA. dear sir thanks a lot, you are inspirational and ideal one. you THE BEST TEACHER of my life. thank you. SAJAL GUPTA

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