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Success always comes from dedication and hard work. It is definitely ‘THE BEST’ reward for student’s hard work, teacher’s hard work and also parent’s hard work. The result develops routine root towards success and turn it in HABIT or TRADITION.

Behind each and every result, a number of efforts, a number of days and a number of nights work. All things combine efforts form a result.

A single good result, enrich a student with huge energy, positive thoughts and desires to do something more better or may be THE BEST.

The result, get set the mind of student as ON and OFF switch.

ON SWITCH- The positive result, generate incredible power to work. This power is not like power present in electric wire, while far-far more than, which is not hold by wire. If student can hold this positive power, energy and kick; then no goal is big to achieve.

A blessed sound rings in their mind as “कर लो दुनिया मुट्ठी में” and mind + body play with rhythm as “कर सकता हु दुनिया मुट्ठी में”.

Role of parents and guide start, after a good result; as provide right direction to this ‘untouched energy’.

The parents should support and provide ground for this energy’. If they are not capable to direct or hold this energy, they support or guide only with his/her knowledge and thoughts.

The role of guide like – Teachers, brothers, sisters and other ones is also play an important role. Their motivation and support also enhance energy. A teacher has capacity to convert from failure to success, from ignorance to knowledge without demoralize the person.

The qualities of teacher’s are their knowledge, experience and dedication. A good mentor is like ‘कुम्हार’ (kumhaar)’ or किसान (kissan)’ because A ‘kumhar’ has capability to convert soil into incredible sculpture or precious mould. Similarly, the future of seed is base on ‘kisan’ knowledge and experience.

OFF SWITCH – In absence of proper attention and guidance, the energy can “switch off”. Then energy only converted into ‘HEAT’ and get diffuse without useful work or may be fatal result, hence, ‘RESULT’ has precious value.

एक 'इच्छा' - कुछ करती है,

एक ‘निर्णय’ -सब बदल सकता है,

एक ‘निश्चय’ -परिणाम देता है

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societal members the Father, the mother and the teacher play a fundamental role in shaping up the student and making all the difference in/ for our society. But I also feel that parents should never inflict there dreams on their children’s. Infact being parents they should allow and guide them in doing what they want to become in life. I b

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